Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Return to the fetal position

Well, now that I have depressed the hell out of Roger, I feel compelled to try to be somewhat upbeat. I mean, to depress a complete stranger... that's just sad. (Although, I have had a bad day and would like nothing better than to tell how many times I've cried at the office today and the fact I am considering selling my diamond ring)

I have decided to list my favourite things from my childhood. Because, what better way to cheer myself up. Right? Apart from eating more icecream. I could do that too.
Okay, here goes... things from my childhood I like:
  1. Pippy Longstocking. Every Saturday I watched Pippy and friends faithfully. What a great show. A little girl with incredible strength living on her own with a horse and a piano. What could be better?? I dreamed about being her and being independant and heroically strong. When I turned 21, I wanted to relive that time, so I rented it. What a great disappointment. All those years and I had no idea the whole thing was dubbed over from Swedish. Not as cool as I remembered, I have to say.
  2. Care Bears. I wanted one so badly, but Mom and Dad refused to get one for me. So I saved money for months so I could get one. (All my friends had theirs for ages by then) I spent $15 on a Champ Bear - the one with the trophy on his belly. I still have him somewhere. I can't give him up - he's the first thing I ever bought with my own money. I'm still choked I had to pay for him.
  3. Hercules the cartoon. Not the Disney version, but the old school Hercules. With the little guy who played the pan flute and said "Hey, Herc." in a high pitch voice. (Which, incidentally, is the voice I make when I am talking to the puppies.)
  4. Two cent gum. The ones with the comics in them. My friend, Candi (how fitting), and I would bike ride to the local store (which is now an old folks community building) and spend our whole weeks allowance on gum. We both had a dollar, so we usually had a decent sized bag'o'gum on the way home. Ah, my jaw is hurting just thinking about it.
  5. Sunday night Disney movies. Like "Escape to Witch Mountain" and, of course, "Return from Witch Mountain". But my all time favourite was one I saw once when I was 11 and never saw again. It isn't even on video so I can't rent it. "Earth Star Voyager" was about a bunch of kids (highly intelligent kids) who are sent into space to colonize b/c the Earth is dying. It was a great movie. Disney... those were the days when it meant something.

That's all I can think of for now. Feel better?


  1. well I feel better, do you? I especially feel better when you and Ky are talking about Banana Cream Pie Blizzards...oh man, I gotta get me one of those. I HATED Hercules though..that stupid centaur or whatever it was...Newt? I coulda kicked that thing in the teeth...remember Herc's ring?? How about Heckyl and Jeckyl, those two crows..and Mighty Mouse?? You also forgot Mike Nesmith...I'll never forget that time at Nesslin Lake..remember and we forgot the guys tent was right next to us?? hahaha..good times!

  2. It's funny that you talk to the puppies in that voice, because that's the voice (and phrase) that Graeme yells to skimbly guys who try to work out.

    I loved Heckyl and Jeckyl too Kristin. It's funny--a lot of the cartoons I watched and loved when I was little are ones that our parents watched and loved when they were little.

  3. Wasn't the guy's name Toot?

    I had to buy my own Cabbage Patch Doll -- I got one from a garage sale. Mom saw how the moms at the stores were going so crazy and aggressive about the Cabbage Patch Dolls and she decided she'd have nothing to do with them. I'm there with you, May-B.

  4. I wasn't allowed to buy my own Cabbage Patch. My Mom told me they were dangerous - that they would ignite into flames just randomly. I'm pretty sure she just didn't like them.

  5. Yeah, she wouldn't let us have cabbage patch kids. I bet it was because they had tatoos on thier butts.

  6. That was better, I'll admit, though you'll notice most of the things started out happy and then took a turn for the worse. Perhaps you should try only writing about ice cream? I mean, if you're trying to think happy thoughts. Otherwise, write out all the depressing stuff. That's why this thing is here, right? Who cares what I think (besides me)?

    Ky - what's a skimbly guy? Google came up with 8 results and 2 of them were from your blog, so they don't count. In that context it does not appear to mean awesome.

  7. "Skimbly" is a word that Ky made up to describe: a.) my physical form, and b.) those flimsy headphones that have a thin and bendy strip of metal holding it all together. It sort of means thin, bendy, seemingly breakable...

    Apparently, Ky loves me dearly.

  8. Haha! It's my fault that Roger thought skimbly meant awesome. I meant that Lyn's usage of the word "skimbly" was awesome.

  9. Yeah, "skimbly" is a portmanteau of "skinny" and, um, "mbly." Things that are skimbly, such as Maryanne, those weird headphones, and guys my brother yells at, are wiggley, long and skinny, maleable, and, well, woobley.


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