Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Puppy 3

Madison came into my home in September of 2004. I got her from a friend of the family who couldn't keep her anymore. I visited her a few times before bringing her home. She looked like a sheep - more like her cocker spaniel half than her poodle half. I adored her right from the start. After I'd had her a few weeks, I took her to get her hair cut. When I went to pick her up and they brought her out, I burst out laughing. She looked like a rat. I figured it was a good thing I loved her from the start or I may have had to return her for being so ridiculous looking. This is the picture I took of her the day of her haircut.
Lower right (I fixed it!) picutre is Montel at 9 weeks. Top right picture is Vicki at the same age. They are so cute. My Dad has an entire file with pictures labelled things like "Oh were you sleeping?" and "Dog fight!" Both Montel and Vicki are Maddy's pups. The dad was white too. The pups turned out black b/c some ancestor of Maddy's was a black poodle. Them genes are complicated.


  1. Or maybe the dad wasn't white after all. Dun-dun-duhhh!

    I got no right picture - just two.

  2. I fixed it. Thanks. It worked on the preview, I never thought to check the site!


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