Friday, April 28, 2006

I had plans, dang it.

Do the internet gods not realize how long a night can be without the internet??? I had plans. Now I am hours late for them. Not that the sites are going anywhere... or me for that matter. But I had plans!! Like:
  1. look up spring lawn maintenance care for my new backyard grass which was sodded in Sept.
  2. show my team-leader a website she'd like
  3. look up stuff that I can ask for my birthday (only 27 days away from being 30)
  4. send e-greetings to Janny for her 28th birthday today (as of midnight)
    - ps: Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear... la la. Happy birthday to you.
  5. send e-greetings to another friend who is turning 30 today and even more freaked out about it that I am. (insert evil maniacal laugh at her expense)
  6. look up other stuff to make the next 6 hours go quicker
  7. play scrabble against people I don't know
  8. other stuff

That is all. For now.

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