Friday, April 28, 2006

puppy pics

I realized I haven't posted puppy pics since I went back to work. So, since they are here and reminding me how sweet they are, I thought I would post some now.

The left one is Maddy looking in on her babies when they were pups. Maddy was NOT a good mom. She didn't like the pups right from the beginning and it got progressively worse. She actually threw one off my bed when it was little.

The right pic is when the pups were about 6 weeks old. We took them out in the backyard to play in the weeds. It was pretty cute. Vicki is the one closest to the camera, Sally directly behind her and that's Montel's butt aimed at us.


  1. Is this post not coming in for anyone else? I am missing the bottom half of it on my computer at the office. I am wondering if it's just me.

  2. Now it's working. I think its just me.


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