Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Drunks, crazies and freaks - oh my!

I am always so jealous of Roger being allowed to tell his hobo stories. I mean, I have a billion great stories and can't tell any of them because of work. Boo. I mean really, like my clients have a computer and could access the internet enough to read a story about how crazy they are. And even if they could, it isn't likely they would even think it was them! I mean, the lady who called to appologize for farting in church. You think she'd recognize this? No. And the woman who called to say her mother is not a penpal to Billy Graham. She's not going to know.

But, I can tell stories that are from a long time ago. I think. So I'm going to share one. One day, a young guy came in to talk. He told me all about his life and how the Chinese dragon was trying to kill him. I listened to him for awhile and then he decided to leave. He walked over to the donations, picked up a pair of white 80's style glasses and put them on. He was almost out the door when he spotted a pink hood to a children's jacket laying on the ground. He grabbed it, tied it on and wandered off. I thought nothing further of it until Ky came home later that day and said "You'll never guess what I saw at the park! A guy with the pink hood of a kids jacket on his head!" It's a small town.


  1. Yes, that would make me jealous too. At least they're supposed to be contacting you. They seek me out on the street. Because . . . I have a fair complexion? Not sure.

  2. People can tell who will talk to them. People can just tell. I'm sure I have a sign on me. B/c I will be walking down the street or in the mall and people will just come up and start telling me their entire life stories.

  3. I actually get that, too. But only old people, hobo-types, and people claiming to be mystics.


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