Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm not sure what I ate last night that messed with my head, but all my dreams were crazy. The weirdest was where I was cooking supper for the Barefoot Countessa (from HGTV) and Mom and Auntie Carolyn. I made tomato soup with salsa and bread crumbs in it. It looked GROSS. And I had cinnimon buns to go with it. I love that even in my dreams I can't cook worth a crap.
My other dream was where Ky went crazy and started throwing flower pots from a balcony. And I'm not talking little flower pots either. I'm talking those BIG terra cotta planters full of dirt. It was scary how strong she was.
Now I'm awake and things seem much calmer. Although, I think I'm still a little afraid of Ky.

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