Monday, March 06, 2006

They were robbed

Does anyone else think that Keira Knightly was totally gypped? I mean, come on now. Her acting in Pride and Prejudice was at its best. HELLO. She had to act ugly. I mean, not all people could do that. I mean, sure, Felicity Huffman can - but she was pretty much there. But Keira really had to have honed her craft to make sure the sexy-pouty face didn't break through. Anyone can act like a country wester singer. Duh. Dolly Parton's been doing it for years and everyone knows that she's really just an old-timey brothel house runner.

And secondly. Heath Ledge totally was robbed. Not only did he have to pretend to be attracted to Jake... on second thought... that wouldn't be that hard (did you see Jake lean against that truck *swoon*) However, my main point is that Heath couldn't move his lips for the WHOLE movie. How many other actors can do that?

All in all, the only good thing that happened was that the 36 Mafia FINALLY got the recognition they deserve.


  1. dude, kiera knightly shouldn't have even been nominated for that drivel that she called acting. she is a useless tit. i mean, didn't pride and prejudice just come out like ten years ago? who does she think she is making a remake? that is like remaking jurassic park. why? why? i'll never get those three hours of my life back where i had to watch in on the plane home from vancouver. argh. she is a useless tit.

    and heath wasn't robbed. joaquin was robbed. but let's not go there.

    ps- it's three-six-mafia...not thirty six. :) i'll just mention that so they can really get the recognition they deserve. ;)

  2. amanda, I actually think bron was being sarcastic. At least, I hope she was. I mean Elizabeth Bennet is the second prettiest of the Bennet sisters. And Keira Knightley sucked poo.

  3. Yes, I was being sarcastic. Hence the ENTIRE entry. I am amazed that anyone missed that. Esp since I think that whomever voted for the sad little group of miscreants as best song should be tarred, feathered and burned at the stake.

  4. But at least they were happy to win, and were entertaining when they won.


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