Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I did it

I cut my hair. Right off. All off. No, I'm not bald, but its very short. The shortest I have had it since being mistaken for my brother when I was 10. I think I am happy with it, however I had a sudden burst of panic when I looked down at the floor and saw a pile of hair resembling an exploded Pekinese. (Aside note: at the salon there was a jar labelled "Barbericide" - wouldn't it make sense to keep something responsible for the death of millions of hairdressers away from them?)
Now my panic is that I will look like a boy. The student at our office has a short hair cut and she looks very much like a man. So much so, I thought she was a man for about 20 mins the first day she came in. So, in order to compensate the fact I may look like a boy I am going to girlie it up for the next few weeks. You know - lots of boob-age and makeup and earrings and such. Just so no one misstakes me for a guy... or a transvestite... I may have to wear a wig if this goes badly.


  1. Yikes! Not boobage! Surely there must be some other way!!

    Dude, send me a photo so I can see how it looks. Is it more Shirley McClean, or is it more like that roommate that we had for a month that was a big know-it-all?

  2. well now I have to see a picture too!

  3. I think the boobage is the main difference between now and when you were 10. I think there will be no worries.

  4. Anyone who mistakes you for a man is blind. Either that or stupid.

  5. I sent a comment earlier...which has disappeared into cyperspace. So here's the gist: I've amended my post, but still, any random strangers that come here are now going to read about boobage. So if ransom strangers (random & handsome?) get all hot and bothered, you only have you and your boobs to blame.


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