Thursday, February 23, 2006

worst things

What was the worst date you've ever been on?
Blind date with a 6'6" tall trucker to his "office" Christmas party. His mom picked me out at Zellers where I was working and asked me to go on a date with her son. That should have tipped me off. He picked me up in a silver suburban that he painted himself. It was so awkard that I bailed after 2 hours. I still feel guilty for doing that.


  1. It still makes no sense at all why you would go on a blind date set up by a woman you didn't even know.

  2. Contender A)
    The Rabbit. A skinny tiny little man who whispered everything. It was easier during the conversation (we only went out the once, it was a set up) to try to guess what didn't scare him. The list of what did was too huge to go through.
    Contender B)
    The nut job
    This guy was either the biggest (and laziest) liar ever, or had the most amazing life. It read like an adventure movie. Actually, it read like Louis L'Amour's autobiography. It was very difficult to keep from laughing. I did chuckle a small bit when he asked if he could see me again.


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