Saturday, February 25, 2006

Today is the first day of the end of my life

As of this moment, today the 25th, I am three months from being 30. Or closer to dead, as I like to put it. 3 months or 88 days to be exact. Yucky. I am so old. I am sure, once I hit 31 or so, I will be fine and like "Bah, I'm not old", but for now??? I might as well be a thousand.

My sisters and I have a plan to go to Europe for my 30th birthday. However, at the moment we can't afford it, so we are going in April before my 31st. So, that way, it is still my 30th. So, I am including you in the pre-stages of planning. These are the things I would like to do. And this is as specific as I can get. You guys may have to help me with the actual... planning. Ideas will be appreciated.

While in Europe I would like to:
go to Paris
sit in a Paris cafe (outside of course)
walk on a Paris bridge (esp the one where Carrie and Big were)
go to a museum (I want to do the museum thing, but not too much. I am not a pontificator of art or the such to any great degree.)
see the tower, preferably at night... the Eifle?? how do you spell that??
go to the fancy grave place Lyn told me about

go to London
go to the church where the hot dude preaches (Ky, you know the guy, right?? Whatshisname?)
see Stonehenge at dawn
do London things... see Nottinghill, kiss Hugh Grant... etc.

go to Bath - be very Jane Austen-like

go to Wales (why? I don't know, but my name won't be uncommon there - woo hoo)

go to Scotland
get married to a gorgeous Scot man and immediately get pregnant

got to Ireland
do the same as in Scotland, but with an Irishman
walk by the sea in a cable knit sweater
eat stew in a pub
see a castle
stay in a little town

that is all.


  1. do you know what? personally, i would not opt to eat mystery stew in a pub in ireland. somehow, i think there would be something mixed in there that would be not typically edible in canada.

    and you need to put mme. tussaud's on your list of things to see. hello, famous people in wax! nothing better.

  2. I have a feeling you would have trouble getting Ky into Mme. Tussaud's. She'd spend the whole time with her eyes closed, her hands covering the back of her neck, reciting the Lord's Prayer.

    And we have family in Bath! Family that's cool and that Janice made friends with. (Lona, the daughter of the Coopers.) (And that you can easily stay with.)

    All the things you want to do in Paris are really simple, and easy to get to. But Lyn can tell you all that. She can also tell you that the Louvre was really cool, but we wasted too much time going to see the Mona Lisa and didn't even get very close to it, whereas you can go RIGHT UP to a whole bunch of other cool stuff there.

    And I hope you guys go to Castlefreke! Hooray, family castle! Auntie Darlene could hook you guys up with directions and contacts and all that.

    (By the way, one of my new friends here took a year off of school, I think between his BA and MA, and worked as a bartender in Ireland. How very cool was that?)

    This all makes me very wiggley.

  3. You are so right about Madame T's, down to the Lord's Prayer.

  4. Take a picture of a hot guy in a kilt. And listen to all the pretty accents.

  5. You can't go wrong in Europe. I suggest reading
    in your newsreader or at Google Groups.

    Don't neglect Oxford (near London).

    Get used to the money in Scotland and Northern Ireland by checking out my post "Down with the Queen".


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