Monday, February 20, 2006


What song inspires who you are or who you hope to be?

Once my brother asked me to make a CD. I totally misunderstood what he was looking for and so went on my own idea of it. So, here is a list of songs that inspire me and why:
  1. Another Day in Paradise - by Phil Collins This song reminds me what some people in the world have to deal with and that other people have the choice to walk away or to lend a hand. It makes me really think about the type of resilliance that some people have and the selfishness that can so easily take over if we let it.
  2. The Change - by Garth Brooks I think of this song in the work that I do. Its about who I want to be and how I want to affect people. (I always wanted this song played at my funeral - but only if that is how I lived my life) I want to always try and never give up on anyone.
  3. Daughters - by John Mayer This one is different. It inspires me to choose a husband who will be a good father to my daughters. It clarified the impact that fathers truly do have on their children and let me stop blaming myself for things (without blaming him).
  4. Bring on the Rain - JoDee Messina This song inspires me b/c it was really important to Mom when she was sick. I take it to mean that you just have to keep going with what you are handed - and deal with it with grace, strength and practicality.
  5. One More Day - Diamond Rio I think this song makes me want to appreciate the people I love and to not let time with them waste. B/c in the end, if I do waste it I will regret it. Actually, even if I don't waste it - I'll still always want one more.
  6. Smile - Lyle Lovett When I was working at a hotel as a front desk clerk, my boss told me to smile even if I feel like crap b/c people will hear the smile in my voice. She said that sometimes pretending to be happy (or in the very least - pleasant) will sometimes convince yourself of it too. Or, at least, it won't make everyone else depressed.
  7. That's All - Michael Buble This is how I want to love and be loved.
  8. Everything - Allanis Morrissette This is more of who I am than what I wish I was. I am a nightmare and a wonderful person all in one. Although, most would say more often I'm the nightmare! But, I guess I want to accept myself and take responsibility for myself, but also to have someone who lives me despite myself.
  9. Be Still My Soul - Bob Graves I reguarily need a reminder to slow down and to wait for God to work. I find this difficult as I am a doer and I want to do things NOW. But, I listen to this song and it reminds me that God is in control if I would just shut up and listen.
It's a short list b/c I can never think of songs when I want to. But, its a list nonetheless. Let me know what song(s) inspires you.


  1. I love that you totally misunderstood the track-making task Graeme had laid before you--did you really think that "I'd Like to Get to Know You" inspired him??
    But at least it gave you the wonderful idea of this list. I'm pretty impressed with it. You're all self aware, and stuff, you counsellor, you.

  2. I really didn't understand. I hate that song, so the fact that I thought it inspired him made me question the Grae I thought I knew. Oh well. I couldn't have made a CD for that one. Unless it was all the songs that annoy the crap out of me.

  3. I also have that version of "Be Still My Soul" on my studying playlist. Because I also need to be reminded frequently.

  4. When I was young I loved "Another Day in Paradise". I used to listen to it to fall asleep. Of course I had no idea what it was about. I remember the night I finally figured it out. And it made me so sad. I had it on a mixed tape of Sting and Phil Collins (my first taste of both) that my art teacher gave me.


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