Friday, February 10, 2006

Peanut butter and puke

Well, I did it. The annual (or every three years, at the very least) cleaning of my car. But I will admit, I didn't do it b/c I wanted to. I had to. B/c everytime I got into my car for the last three weeks, I was almost sick from the smell. It's true, a professional woman with a house and responisibilities, you would think she would be together enough not to use her car as a toxic waste dump. Apparently, you so don't know me! My car smelled like rotten peanut butter (from a stray container my dog chewed on and then lost behind a seat) and the sweet smell of throw up. It was gross. I figured out what it was (and it wasn't puke, don't worry). It is winter in Saskatchewan which means lots of snow and melting and refreezing and melting. The carpets in the front of my car had gotten wet and dried and wet and dried causing them to mildew. Hence the disgusting smell. So, I took them out and hosed them down. It took 10 mins and the water STILL wasn't running clear. Bleh. So gross. But now - an hour and $15 later, my car smells faintly like citrus and windex. And ready for another 3 years!


  1. Eew... But I am like that myself... Whenever I have a car to drive, it turns into a catch all. But it makes sense! That way, if you need something it is there.... right?

  2. my trunk is full of fast-food garbage and unmade ginerbread houses, and there is a six inch puile of shoe ice in one corner of my footwell


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