Friday, September 09, 2011

Harder and harder to breathe: Watching Adam Levine

It has been the summer of amazing (and free) concerts/plays for a happy MayB.  After my glorious interlude with Fred Penner and my fantastic trip to the land of Oz at Wicked, I have just returned from the perfect finale: Maroon 5.
My love affair with Maroon 5 started years and years before they were overplayed on the radio. (I know, I sound like a hispter -- I liked them before anyone had heard of them.) I ran across Maroon 5 when this song was played during a scene from Third Watch.  I fell in love and spent ages trying to track them down.  When I did, I listened to their first album Songs about Jane until I knew every word, every note, and drove everyone else insane.
 Thursday, I was surfing the net -- as I am apt to do when I wake up really bloody early for no reason-- and noticed that a local radio personality Buzz Elliott was pondering on Facebook about a little dilemna he was having.  He had tickets for two shows on the same night: Seinfeld and Maroon 5.  What to do, what to do?, he pondered.
Being the resident smart ass, I commented he should go to Seinfeld and send me to Maroon 5.  He liked the comment, I went on my merry way and never thought of it again.
That evening, I was contacted and offerred the tickets.  Did I want to go?
Um, yes... yes, I do.
I called my friend Rae and told her we were going.  I would pick her up the second she was done teaching and we would haul our rear ends to Saskatoon.
Maroon 5 concert -- Bron and Rae
Here we are -- all excited to see Adam Levine!
The opening act was Matt Nathanson. Neither of us knew who he was, but then he played two songs I recognized and I was really excited to see him. He was very funny and a good musician, but had a way of moving on the stage as though he was attempting to do The Worm while standing. It was highly distracting and had me giggling inappropriately for most of his 40 stage minutes.
After a brief intermission, the lights went out, the curtain rose, and Maroon 5 came on stage. It was the last time I would breathe normally the rest of the night.
Now, I've always had a slight crush on the lead singer Adam Levine. I mean, he's one good looking and smooth moving dude. In person? Wow. Even better. I felt flushed and sweaty and very sad I am a married woman and not a groupie with unlimited money to follow him to the ends of the earth.
They started with two of my favourite songs -- the song everyone knows right now Moves Like Jagger and the one that originally started my obsession: Harder to Breathe (I linked to it earlier.) We never sat down during the show and, I admit, I might have shaken what the good Lord gave me.
Maroon 5 concert (2)
I mean, we were this close -- wouldn't you?
I could not have screamed any louder. I sang with every song. And, yes, I spent an inordinate amount of time staring at his rear end as he strutted up and down the stage. It was intense and exhilarating and SO MUCH FUN. (The concert... not just his rear end.)
When their set was over and there was one more group to come on, I looked at Rae and told her there was no way anything could top that performance so we might as well leave. She was going to say the exact same thing, so we did. Completely high on the music that is Maroon 5 and the man that is Adam Levine.
It was a really awesome anniversary present. The Guy is going to have to step up his game if he's going to beat it!

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