Monday, July 18, 2011

Monty is not well known for being overly friendly to strangers.

Come to my door?  He will decide if he likes you and then bring you a toy.  He doesn't want you to touch it or play with it.  He doesn't want you to touch him or play with him.  He wants you to know you are accepted.  Within limits.

What? You want to touch my toy?
On walks, he will ignore most children as they play.  If they insist on stopping to say hi, he alternates between patiently waiting while they pet under his chin and hiding behind my legs as though that will keep him from the poking little hands.

Other dogs are either met with abject fear and barking or slight terror and stillness.

My point is: it is unlikely for Monty to initiate contact with other people or animals unless it is for violent purposes.

Who me?
This is why I was beyond surprised the other night.  Monty and I were walking through our neighbourhood park.  I let him off the leash knowing that the presence of little children will keep him by my side despite any sightings of dogs, bunnies or food.

I saw a couple of teenage girls sitting on a bench talking as only teen girls do and a couple playing with their child on the jungle gym.  I expected to walk past the group without issue, but suddenly I realized that Monty was not with me.

I turned back to find him with his paws up on the bench in between the two teens.  They looked quite surprised to see him and made no move.  He leaned over, licked one of the girls on the hand, and trotted back to my side.

It was the first time I've had to apologize for Monty being friendly.

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  1. Good for Monty. Friendly to strange people is truly not his thing. Encourage it.


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