Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wherein taking the easy way ended badly

Who doesn't like to do things easily?  When presented with options that will end at roughly the same end, who doesn't say "I'll do it the way that takes less time."?

Smart people, that's who.

Yesterday, I decided to use my holidays to start some sewing projects I had been putting off.  I hauled my machine upstairs to where the light is better and hauled all my supplies up with it.

Except my iron.  I decided to heck with it I wasn't going to iron the material first.  I wasn't going to need to iron it in place before I sewed.  It was going to be a simple pillow case.  How hard could it be?

Then I decided to cut without measuring.  I figured I could eyeball it pretty well.  I just had to use the straight edge as a guide and I would be fine.  Also, there was a pattern on the material.  I could just follow that too.  It will all work out.

Finally, I needed to sew a fold into the material with an attached ribbon.  Two birds with one stone, thought I.  I will just hold the ribbon in place and sew the fold as I would normally.  It will all be fine.

I wish I could go back in time and punch myself in the nose.

The material had been cut at the store, that is true. It did have a straight edge.  However, it's bias was crooked.  Which means that the pattern on the material was on there wrong.  Just a little to the side.  What should have been simple following a path already in place, turned out to be misguided at best.  Had I noticed this right away, I could have done something about it.

The fold that I needed to create started out crooked.  I realized that in order to make it follow the material pattern, I would have to adjust the fold somehow.  More material on the one side, less on the other.  Pin and pin and I give up! Let's just sew it.

Cue the cursing.  The fold was crooked.  The ribbon pulled in some places and not in others.  The sewing missed the ribbon altogether at some points.  I ripped it all out.

I went to get the damn iron.

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  1. I blame a lot of things on the iron. And not just that I suck at ironing. Every day things like not having enough money or the fact that my house smells because I never do dishes. Stupid iron.


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