Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And all he did was look up my nose

If you've been around me any length of time, you've heard about my sinuses.  I know, most people have more to talk about than where boogers come from, but I'm not most people.  Four years ago, I started getting sinus infections (and throat infections and tongue infections and chest infections, but I digress) and the fun just hasn't stopped since.

Four years and 22 sinus infections later, I went to the specialist.

I made the appointment after a particularly harrowing sinus infection that had me swallowing pills the size of a quarter and resulted in making me feel worse than when I was sick.  If the side effect of a pill is to have pressure on your chest like a 300 lb man sitting on a can of soup, I say die of whatever illness you have because it is just not worth it.

A few months later, my appointment arrived.  Along with the start of a new infection.  Now that's TIMING!

I made my way to the hospital downtown and parked 6 blocks away when I finally found a spot that wasn't already taken.  It started raining as I made my way to the doors (of course) and I had left my umbrella in the trunk of my Jeep.  What?  You carry your umbrella?  I do not understand the fancy ways of your people.

A good twenty minutes before my scheduled appointment, I wandered into the doctor's office.  To be told I had the wrong one.  With the last name Pillay, how would you think there would be two of them on the same office floor?  Alright then.

Down the hall, I entered the ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) office and started waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  Over an hour and a half went by before I was seen.  The doctor entered.  He was the sweetest thing on Earth and I adored him.  He was patient, had a sense of humour, listened to me, asked questions, seemed interested in the answers, etc.

Then, he took a slim, silver hook, shoved it in my nose and lifted.  He did it again in the other nostril.  Hmmm. I do see some mucus build up.  And then he scheduled a CAT scan.

It took two hours for me to see a doctor, have him look up my nose, and tell me I have boogers.

I love our health system.


  1. Well, at least when he looked inside your head, he found something.

  2. And thank you for the image of a fat man sitting on a can of soup. Thank you very much.


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