Friday, May 20, 2011

Trip to the dog park

We arrived in Red Deer this afternoon and went to the dog park quickly after.

Now, Regina's dog park is a small corner eked out of useless flood grounds that are covered in water 4 months of the year.  It has no real trails, but a nice little bit of water in the middle.

I heard that Red Deer's dog park was awesome.  I was not prepared for how awesome.  There are at least 5 main trails.  There are bogs, rivers, little lakes, and woods.  There are poop bags every 100 feet and garbages every where.  There are benches and tables and dogs and people.  Everyone is smiling.

My brother's dog, Porter.

Macey making friends

Porter is pumped.
Now, my brother's dogs know exactly what to do.  They meet and greet every dog and person.  They run and run and run.

Monty does not know what to do at all.  He walked by my side the entire time.  He finally braved enough to walk a few feet from me and greet a few dogs with barks.  But he was very unsure of himself.

Monty -- watching the dogs be dogs.

I love this dog park.  I would move to this town just for the dog park.  We're going again tomorrow.  I hope Monty can mellow out.

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  1. My mutts are leash bound until the end of chicken and garden season. They would love the RD park except they wouldn't come back for a day or two.


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