Monday, May 23, 2011

Monty: member of a pack

Monty is not a group dog.  He can be timid and awkward or even unfriendly.  When it's his sister or mother, he's fine -- he just chooses to ignore them.  But when there is a strange dog, it is rare that Monty is not a jerk.

I have to say, I was concerned about this weekend.

At first, Monty was so thrown off by the strangeness of it all that he behaved.  Then, he started getting comfortable enough to be protective.  Of just me.

Cesear Millan would be so disappointed that I wasn't being a better leader.

My brother's dog, Macey, would walk by me or come up and want lovin' and Monty would lose his proverbial shit.  Fur is flying, teeth are bared, and my arm ends up in the middle somehow.  The other dog Porter was so submissive to Monty that he could tolerate her by ignoring her existence.

Then enter my buddy Greg and his two dogs, Jofa (which does not stand for Jacket Over Fat Ass despite what I learned in the 90s) and Tyke.  My sis-in- law's friend brought her pug Nova and suddenly we had a pack.

A big, hairy, loud, hilarious pack.  Monty was completely out of his element.  It was good for him.  By the second day, he could sit on the same couch with either Porter, Jofa or Tyke and not have a problem.  He still isn't thrilled with Macey (she's the boss and he's intimidated by a strong woman)  but he will let her walk by without trying to kill her.

All in all, I think he's adjusted.

Monty surrounded by the pack.
L-R Porter, Macey, Monty, Tyke and Jofa.

Of course, just in time to go home tomorrow morning.


  1. I have never heard of Jacket Over Fat Ass! And I will never forget it. So awesome.
    What does Jofa stand for then?


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