Sunday, May 01, 2011

I may be MayB.

Imagine my surprise when the topic for this months National Blog Post Month was "maybe".  Since my online name is MayB, I thought it was fate.  Also, since I sucked at posting in April, this will get my butt in gear.  Or so I hope!

It took me a long time to settle on a screen name when I decided to venture out into the forays of the Intra-Webbed Blogging World.  I had been called "Cookie" when I first started playing around -- I was using it ironically, but people didn't really get that -- so I knew I needed to find something more suited to who I actually was/am.

I had a list of things I wanted in my name -- part of my personality, part of my real name, part of something AWESOME.

It didn't happen that way.  My best options were ReBelle and/or Scrawny Broni (which is also ironic being that I am not scrawny at all.)  I was not happy with any of the options.

Then it came to me.  Well, it came to my sister, Ky.  "May" -- being that I was born in May.  And "B" -- being that my name starts with B.

Genius right?


  1. I'm a May B, too! Born in May, and name starts with B. Looking forward to reading your posts this month.

  2. I always knew that Ky was both awesome and brilliant.


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