Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding. Royal Pain?

The Royal Wedding is coming up soon and I have mixed feelings.  (Did you notice it always has to be capitalized?  The Royal Wedding.  Not the royal wedding. Huh.)  

I am torn.  On one hand, I want to be a Royal junkie, get up for high tea at 3am, and watch the ceremony in my best hat.  On the other, OMG SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT IT.  Also, I really like sleeping.

I wasn't really all that interested (or even informed) about Wills and Kate before.  It is odd.  We Canadians are intrinsically connected to the Brits, so you would think we'd hear more about their tabloids.  But, really, apart from a few tidbits here and there, I was completely in the dark.

Then I watched the made for TV movie William and Kate.  I fell in love!  Kate's sense of sarcasm, and humour, and style made me want to be her best friend.  Also, William was much hotter in the movie than he is in real life, so that didn't hurt either.  Now I want to see the wedding to see how it all turned out!

My mom was an avid Royal watcher.  She loved everything about them and made sure we knew all about them too.  Her books about the Royals went to my sister and somewhere in our piles of childhood things is a paper-doll set of Diana and Charles.  I have an old photo from when my mom was within 10 feet of Princess Di on a trip to Canada.  Mom never did get to meet her, but that picture meant a lot to her.

I remember watching Royal Weddings with my mom.  We got up in the middle of the night when Princess Di and Prince Charles were married.  We stayed up when Andrew and Fergie (no, not of the Black Eyed Peas) got married.  We watched Diana's funeral and sobbed into tissues together too.

Mom would have loved Kate.  She would have been so proud of how "the boys" turned out.  If Mom was still here, we would be up at 3am, having high tea in our fanciest hats, tearing up at the sight of the carriage.

Right now, my sister, LynnieC, is currently in England.  She and her friends are lining up on the streets to get a view of the spectacle.  I can't help but think that our Mom would have loved that one of her kids gets to be there.

PS, I always wanted to be a princess.  Well, okay, no I didn't, I always wanted to be a sniper in the army.  But that is neither here nor there.  I want to be a princess now, so (thanks to Janny for the link!) I am.


  1. Do you remember that Mary and I slept over to watch when Andrew and Fergie got married? So exciting.
    I'm glad you liked the princess maker. I was worried people would think it was silly. I like that you have a bird on your finger also. To quote my friend Alana "you can't be a princess without the strange ability to attract and talk to cute animals."

  2. I've got some AWESOME hats if you change your mind!


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