Thursday, May 26, 2011

Genius: the misnomer.

The Guy and I have a constant struggle to find music that both of us will listen to.  He leans towards what I call Angry Boy Music, while I listen to Depressing Girl Music.  We have managed to agree on 90s rock and a little bit of current pop.

It makes car rides interesting.  And often, repetitive.

I was pleased when I figured out my iPod had the Genius option.  I pick a song we both love and Genius gets us a list of 25 songs we can listen to.  But for one or two songs we have to skip, it works out well for us.

This last trip, I threw on the Genius and we were doing well.  Some Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, Metallica, etc.  It was a bevy of heavier rock.  Then suddenly, out of no where: Beach Boys I Get Around.

I have to say, I was not expecting that.


Later on in the drive, we were listening to a mix of oldies and current music.  A couple of songs came on and I was stoked because I had just been thinking about them both.  I excitedly explained to The Guy that Genius was reading my mind.

His response?

They probably shouldn't call it Genius then. 

He should be home any time now.

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