Saturday, March 12, 2011


I think I watch True Crime shows too often.  I regularly think about what the police and crime techs will find when I or my loved ones are  murdered.  I think about the diaries they will go through, the computer history, and -- most importantly -- my cell phone call and text history.

My texts to my siblings alone will make quite a story for the local law enforcement.

They consist mostly of the following:

  • Lines from the song Jessie's Girl which I text to my brother every time it comes on the radio -- it makes him CRAZY -- and it comes on a lot in our town
  • Comments about poop i.e.: I think I just pooped myself a stroke
  • Butt Face Plant Food Baby Wipes I got nothing
  • Lines from commercials popular in the 80s Have you ever heard a peep from a bottle of perfume?  Peep Peep
  • More comments about poop
It gives a really bad view of the kind of person I am.  I hope the police are understanding.

You know, and that I don't get murdered.


  1. I totally remember that commercial!

  2. I want you to text me. And I also hope you don't get murdered.

  3. Our family freaking rules.


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