Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bosoms -- a pair of friends

This word was given to me by Maryanne, Queen of West Procrastination  I'm pretty sure I'm not using it in the way she intended, but I've done that before!  Again and again and again and again and again  and again.  I thought you could use a change of pace.

Tonight, I made supper for Grandma and the old lady down the hall, Mabel.

Yes, I said the old lady.  Grandma is a spry 91 and helps care for Mabel who is 96.  Mabel has the brains; Grandma has the brawn.

Grandma and Mabel have known each other for over 80 years.  They grew up in farms on the opposite sides of a small town.  They went to the same church in that small town and Mabel's sister married Grandma's brother.  Mabel then worked at the same orphanage that Grandma and Grandpa helped run.  She then cooked for the bible school on the grounds Grandma and Grandpa lived.

Since moving to her little apartment in the same building as Mabel, Grandma has: checked in on Mabel daily, taken out her garbage, played Scrabble with her, and left the doors between their apartments open so they can share the dog, Vicki.

After dinner, Grandma insisted on doing the dishes while I played Scrabble with Mabel.  Being that Grandma has the memory of a guppy right now, she doesn't do so well in Scrabble any more.  The two times I've played Mabel before I got the floor wiped with my face.  Tonight was the night to defend Grandma's and my honour.

Mabel was wearing a nice, bright, fushia sweater with slightly billowed sleeves.  Every time she played a tile, she would sweep the arms of her sweater along the board and move all the tiles already in place.  After the third or fourth time she reorganized the board, she sighed in frustration and muttered: I should just take this thing off.

I grinned at her.  Now Mabel, are you suggesting we play strip Scrabble?


  1. However: you've known me for thirty years. You might almost call us "bosom pals". You don't know how to spell my name?

  2. Oops. I missed the E. I think my finger fell off the button.

  3. Mabel brains; Grandma brawn? Grandma weights about 80 lbs if she is lucky and stands less than 5' tall at age 91. If that is brawn, describe Mabel's brains.


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