Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Failures: Food and Hygiene

After last night's Valentine meal of cold pizza and cereal, I thought I should try and do something more exciting tonight.  It's the one night off we have together this week.  Meaning, he's off tomorrow and I leave for Saskatoon at 7am.

Thinking I would get a head start on a nice "fancy" dinner, I put brown rice on the stove just after noon.  I figured then I could mix it with the stuff it was supposed to be mixed with later and save me ages of time.

Problem with brown rice is that it takes a longer time to cook than white rice.  The problem with this is my attention span is maxed out at 20 minutes, so I knew 55 would be a challenge.  But, I set the alarm on the stove and figured that would be enough for me.

I should know me better by now.

At 3pm, I went upstairs again after playing on the internet and downloading all the music of artist Ingrid Michaelson.  It was then I remembered the rice.

I hesitantly opened the lid and peered inside.  The rice was white.  The bottom was black.  It smelled like popcorn that was left in the microwave too long.  I threw it in the garbage (melting the bag) and soaked the pot.

When The Guy got home, he suggested left overs.


On our last day of our two week trip in Cuba, I walked into the bathroom as The Guy was brushing his teeth. I stared at him and said, "You haven't been using that toothbrush this whole time have you?  It's mine."

He had forgotten which toothbrush he had brought with him, so we spent the entire trip unwittingly sharing the same brush.

He passed it to me and said, "It might be wet."

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  1. Ewwwww!!!!
    You would think that sharing a toothbrush with someone who you kiss wouldn't be that gross but it really is.
    I accidentally used my roommate's toothbrush once and it still bothers me. We never kissed though.


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