Friday, January 14, 2011

John Tesh says Facebook is ruining my marriage

Anyone who knows anything about me knows I love me some John Tesh. Not only is he brilliant and knows everything, but he's super insightful regarding life.

Tonight, on my way home, I was listening again to my dear John as I am apt to do when wandering out in the world in the evening.  He was being all intelligent for my life and then he said something that made me stop.

Not the car, that would just be silly.  I stopped to think.  But not the car.  I kept driving.  I had pizza (GF!) and it would have gotten cold.

What John Tesh said made me think about what my life has become.  He said this: Facebook is ruining your marriage.

But... but... John!  It can't be true.  It just can't!  Why would you say something so hateful?

Don't worry.  He went on to explain.

He said that Facebook statuses are "removing all the mystery" between partners.  And then, he recommended UNFRIENDING your spouse.

Now, I admit that I update a lot.  I can't help it.  I have thoughts.  Funny thoughts.  Strange thoughts.  Gross thoughts.  And these thoughts need to be shared with others.  Like I said to a friend the other day: I cannot be the only one who is stuck with these things inside her head.  Not only do I have thoughts, but I have stories.  Ones that include my partner and how ridiculous he is.

Yet, I can see where John is coming from.  I mean, the mystery is gone.  If The Guy had been fooled into thinking girls don't fart, that was ruined with this update: You know it's bad when the smell makes even the dog leave the room.  However, he reciprocates with the lack of mystery by updating my statuses for me when I forget to log out.  (i.e.: My butt smells. -- Thanks honey. My friends thought that was a RIOT.)

Yet, I try to be conscious about not airing our dirty laundry on Facebook or Twitter for that matter.  (Except for the discussion about Dutch Ovens.  That's just begging to be shared.)  I don't ever want to be passive-aggressively fighting on FB about something that's private.  We can do that in person.

But then, when I was starting to question my dear John's intelligence, I remembered something he said earlier about being happy in life.  I remember how much I appreciate my husband and how he makes things all good.  And when I questioned him about Facebook, he agreed that (perhaps) this time John might have been off base.

At least, that's what I'm updating my status to right now.


  1. I think defriending your spouse might ruin more marriages than it saves

  2. Facebook isn't what takes away the mystery. Living in a small apartment where you're always only a few feet away from the bathroom? That's another story.

  3. prairie nymph17/01/2011, 22:26

    I think the emphasis on mystery ruins marriages.

    It harkens back to the time when women were told their reason for existance was to please their husbands and they had to be mysterious to keep him coming back.
    You have more to offer than mystery.
    Why not build the friendship instead?
    If a guy wants someone who doesn't fart, he doesn't want a wife, he wants a porn mag.

    Sorry, this is a little touchy for me.


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