Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy birthday, Grandma!

Me and Grandma in 2009

Today, my Grandma turns 91.  So far today, she has hung up on my father thinking he had the wrong number and has forgotten if my brother and my father are related, but she's doing pretty well.   She still lives on her own, is stubborn as can be, and takes care of the old lady down the hall from her.

I hope I can be as independent of an old lady as Grandma Bea.  Happy birthday!


  1. I got one more! Mabel had to go to the hospital today. This must have befuddled her because Auntie Marj phoned for her birthday and your gramma informed her that my mom and dad just took Mabel to the morgue...

  2. She had that straightened out when I called her, Krissie. How old is Mabel?

  3. Mabel is 96 this year, I think.

  4. Mom and Dad are stopping in to see your Grandma and Aunt Mae tomorrow.


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