Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wisdom and folly #reverb10

December 10 Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (prompt by @photobird)

I'm a day late on this one.  Well, technically 40 minutes.  If I were in BC, this would be right on time.

Why yes, I am postponing having to answer this topic.

This year, I didn't feel very wise.  I felt as though I knew very little and, the more I learned, the less I knew.  Today, especially, I have felt the opposite of wise, so this makes me feel like I've never been wise in my life.

However, as I go through my year (which Reverb10 is intent on making me do) I realize I have made decisions and, some of them, they were good!  Call it wisdom, folly, or luck of the draw, I had some decisions that turned out for the best.

Each decision led to circumstances that enabled me to make other decisions or discoveries I would have otherwise missed.  I am sure, after this month is over, you will be tired of hearing about these things because my year has been about the same few things over and over and over again.

In February, I decided to go see my sister for Valentine's Day instead of spending my first married V-day with my husband.  Seems like a bad idea, yes, but turns out it was a good decision.  That decision led me to be there for  the discovery of her Celiac's disease and to realize that it might be mine too.

In June, I decided to go on my first trip to Europe.  BY. MYSELF.  Okay, yes, it was to see my Dad, but I was going by myself first and then meeting up with him.  This decision led to a great deal of panic and terror, but it also led to self-realization that I could do it.  I could travel across the world.  And that led me to see where my Dad lives and to meet his new (and my new extended) family.  That was worth every minute.

I decided it was time to go through all the stuff I had in storage and in boxes that belonged to members of my family and had not been opened for years.  It resulted in a great deal of work, but led to gems of terrible pictures, fantastic "heirlooms" and hilarious pieces of my past.

I also decided to open an Etsy shop for all my knitted goods.  I had been knitting and knitting since February when Ky taught me and had a ton of product sitting around my house.  I opened a shop and sold quite a few items.  It's not enough to actually be worth any money, but it has allowed me to be able to buy more knitting supplies!!

Last, but not least, my most wise decision has been one I have made every day for a year.  To appreciate every minute of being married to The Guy.  Yes, even the minutes when he tickles me until I want to pee and the ones that weren't full of laughter.  So, at least once a day, when I decide to love the goofy, wonderful man that he is -- I am wise.

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