Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I just dropped off my sister for a year

This morning, I took my little baby sister, LynnieC, to the airport.  She is embarking on a grand adventure, the kind of which I could never take.  She is moving to England for a year.  I am both super proud of and terrified for my little sister, but I know she is going to rock it even if it is the scariest thing any of us have ever done.

Me teaching LynnieC everything she knows.
I've always seen Lyn as my responsibility.  She was the baby and the cutest and the most trouble.  She was the youngest when Mom went back to work and I was sure that no child could ever survive without a stay-at-home mom there at all times.  I mean, who would be there after school?  When would fresh bread day be?  Who would make our birthday cakes?

I took it on myself to help raise Lyn.  Whether or not anyone asked me to.  Turns out, she didn't really need it.  She was more independent than anyone had a right to be.  And, a lot smarter.

She's become one of my best friends.  The one that makes me be silly and irresponsible and spend way too much at Wal-Mart.  The one who watches terrible girl movies with me and sobs right along side of me.  And the one who mocks me when I'm sobbing at them by myself.

Me and LynnieC as a baby.
I will miss Lyn more than I should because for so many years it was her and I together -- we lived together in the Spinster House for years and ended up being a little too much alike after awhile.  She is the one sibling I rarely fight with, the one I rarely want to choke, the one I can count on for binge eating during emotional crisis.

She's on her way to a grand adventure and I have to say, I'm sorry to be left behind.

I'm proud of you, Lyn!  Even if you don't break up the Royal Wedding.


  1. That is so exciting for her, but I am sad that your best friend is going to be so far away.

    It sounds like you too have an amazing relationship.

  2. I miss you already! Thanks for always taking care of me.

  3. You, my dear, are suffering from empty nest syndrome. You took over as matriarch after your mom died and all your nestlings have flown the coop.

  4. That first picture is my favorite! Lyn is to tiny and cute!


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