Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Week of Loss: Kaila's battle with cancer

After hearing about one family friend who passed away on Sunday, another family friend died on Monday.  Her name was Kaila and she was the daughter of a friend who worked at the bee farm that my brother and I used to work on.

Here is her story that appeared in the Leader Post.

It's been a hard weekend for the bee farm.  The first family friend was the brother of the owner of the farm.  He was a great guy who had seizures for most of his life and yet never lost his sense of humour or his kindness.  His family will miss him greatly.

Kaila never really got to live.  At 18, you're just discovering all the things that life had to offer.  But by all accounts, she was a brave young woman who had a great family -- parents who doted on her and two siblings who worshiped her.  She made quite an impression on the people around her.

It's not the people who pass away that I feel the loss for.  It's the people left behind.

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