Saturday, November 20, 2010

What else could I do?

 ** Note: this post contains real words used for female anatomy.  If that freaks you out, please feel free to look at these puppies.  **

Sometimes, I just can't help myself.  Someone lobs a ball into the air and I need to hit it to the bleachers.  And sometimes, that's in public.  I can't help myself.  I'm my father's daughter.  As much as I hate it.  And love it.

At the women's conference (or, Yay! I'm a Girl! conference) this week, I had one of those moments.

The speaker on the first afternoon was fantastic.  She was a Lutheran Pastor who specialized in talking about women and sex.  It was the greatest thing ever.  I loved it.  She was energetic and honest and surprising.

At one point, she was talking about the discovery of women's anatomy.  She commented, "In 1559, Renaldo Columbus discovered the clitoris."

What could I do?  I had to say it.

"And no man has located it since."


  1. I do so love that a Columbus discovered the Americas AND the clitoris. Quite the feat.

  2. "[T]he sweetness of Venus"? That is hilarious!

  3. I know. Someone hands you a straight line and there is no option.

  4. Fantastic repartee and my first laugh of the day!

  5. Have you tried tying a pork chop to it?

    (I was going to say "bell", then remembered we're talking about men: hence the pork chop theory)


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