Monday, November 22, 2010

Resolution in the works

After the issues with Grandma, I started searching for an idea.  When I finally came up with it, I wish I had thought of it sooner.

I set up a cab account.

Grandma won't spend her own money, but she will feel guilty about me spending mine.  If I set it up as a gift, she doesn't have a choice but to use it!

Or so is the plan.

I called today and set up the account.  I will make a little sign with the cab number and tickets for her to tear off and use as she sees fit.  I can only hope it will work.

Or someday, we're going to find Grandma in the back field trapped in the barbed wire fence.


  1. That is genius! I would bed other family members would be willing to contribute to keep the cab coming!! We've all begun buying my Grandma gift certificates for things she may or may not spend her own money on but should have.

  2. prairie nymph22/11/2010, 22:14

    My grandma insists on helping get the cows in. Several times she has fallen in the field and couldn't get up. Once the dog saved her, a few times my brother did. Do you think I could guilt trip her into getting a cell phone?

    Getting her to stop working would kill her probably more quickly than the cow that kicked grandma after it knocked her down last year.

  3. The Blog Fodder23/11/2010, 06:23

    When you go to visit her you can steal money from her purse to pay the cab account?


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