Tuesday, November 09, 2010

ET can phone home, but the number will be disconnected

After 10 years, I will be disconnecting my house phone.  I have had the same number since I moved out on my own.  It has been an interesting number -- receiving calls from current clients looking for the client who used to own it.  Nothing quite as disconcerting as a client asking for their friend and then saying "Bronwyn? Is that you?"

Since then, I have enjoyed my phone number.  It has done me well and housed numerous other people too.  But now, that number receives calls from three groups: family, people I don't want to talk to, and telemarketers.  Since family knows my cell number, they just call me there most of the time anyway and I would prefer if people didn't know how to reach me anyway, so I think I'm done.

It will be hard to wrap my head around having no house phone, but really, when I'm at home, I don't want to talk to anyone anyway.  I hope the next owner of the number enjoys it as much.


  1. Oh, Goody. All the places I put your phone number as mine will think I skipped town.

  2. I'm already keeping my internet so that you will have a contact address. If you want to keep the phone number, you're paying for it!

  3. No, it really doesn't matter. No one phones me on it anyhow that I would want to talk to. Just government types about taxes and stuff.

    I remember when I let xxx-2700 go and kept my business number only. It had been our family phone number for 20 years but our family as such was no more.

  4. And anyway, I've been telling everyone you skipped town long ago.

  5. I did this about a year ago. I haven't missed it at all and like the $45 dollars I save from not having it. MagicJack is a great alternative and it's only 19.95 a year. Unfortunately, I lowered my cable broadband to "less speedy" and it won't work. Trying to save money like everyone else LOL


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