Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fuming about the fuel

Last weekend, my engine light came on.  Of course, the place I take my car was closed for the weekend, so I waited to call them on Monday.  I was a little worried driving my car with it on.  I have a great fear that as soon as that light turns on, the car will explode.  However, I had no choice.  I drove to work on Monday, called the service department at Dilawri Nissan and told them about the light.

"Did you get gas recently?" was all he asked.  I confirmed I had and he told me to bring in the car the next day.

The next day, I brought the car in before I had to run to work.  I had to leave it there because they didn't have time to look at it until the next morning.  The next morning they called, said it was fixed, and I could come get it.

I showed up and my regular guy wasn't there.  A girl I'd never seen before helped me.  She gave me the bill for $100 and told me the gas cap was put on wrong when I was at the gas station, so the mechanic had to put it back on correctly and reset the warning system.

I looked at her.  "I have to pay $100 for someone to have put on my gas cap?"  She looked uncomfortable and agreed.  She was the only one there, so I didn't even have anyone else I could complain to.  I paid the bill with teeth gritted and carried on my way.

Two days later, Nissan Canada (an agency which has really given my nothing but grief for the last three years) called to do a survey on my latest service on my car.  I was still angry, so I told him.  Everything.

I paid $100 for someone to unscrew and rescrew my GAS CAP.  MY GAS CAP.  A HUNDRED DOLLARS.  The person doing the survey seemed completely unsure what to do when a customer had a negative experience.  He offered no comfort, no explanation, no suggestions.  He just took the info and hung up.

I plan to call Dilawri on Monday and talk to someone who can do something.  From there, I plan to go to the full service gas station where I got gas last and complain to them.  I normally avoid this kind of conflict if I can, but I am still SO PISSED, I have to do something.

And then next time, I'm putting my own damn gas cap on.


  1. When you called you were asked if you had got gas recently. He knew then what the problem was!! He could have told you that on the phone ... and your owners manual will have instructions on how to reset the light!! I'd be pissed too. Go get 'em girl! For all us girls they try to take advantage of just because we're GIRLS!

  2. I agree with Marvel. Be assertive on this one. Those jerks.

  3. There is no fuel like an old fuel.

  4. your brother26/09/2010, 15:07

    Call your brother. First.

  5. I hear of mechanics being scam artists all the time. Call the scammers, talk to the manager and threaten to make a scene. Then if they don't apologize and give you your money back follow through on your threat.


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