Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ah, yes, I can see clearly now

Long before The Guy came along, I went on a few dates.  One particular fellow I met while walking my dog in my neighbourhood.  It was some time in the winter and he was adorable fully decked out in his ski jacket and toque.  When he asked me out, I agreed despite the fact that my dog at the time, Maddy, hated him.  Maddy hating people wasn't exactly news, so I didn't think too much about it, but I should have.

Oh, how I should have.

Our first date was a walk around the lake with our dogs.  Turns out Maddy not only hated the fellow, but she also hated his dog.  So, I left Maddy at home and walked around the lake on one of the coldest days that year.  It went well, we had things to talk about and I agreed to a second date.

We met at a local coffee shop where I liked to frequent at the time (in fact, it's where I first met The Guy) and I was surprised when he walked in and removed his jacket and toque.  He was not cute AT ALL.  How on Earth he managed to look better with a hat and jacket, I will never know.

However, being the evolved person that I am, I decided to look past his GIANT FOREHEAD and strange body shape and have a nice afternoon of hot chocolate and conversation.  Well, I was enjoying the nice afternoon of hot chocolate and conversation.  He was looking at my glasses.

Now, I have had dirty glasses since the day I got them.  I will clean them within an inch of their warranty and, in the time it takes to put them on my face, I have fingerprints, paint, food, and dog drool on my lenses. 

Apparently this bothered my date.  Mid-sentence, he stood up, excused himself, went to his car, and returned with a glasses cleaner and wipe.  He took the glasses off my face and cleaned them right there in the shop.  I was stunned into silence, so thanked him and pretended that nothing out of the ordinary had happened. 

Our last date later that week was the date where I told him I didn't want to see him any more.  The glasses thing had clinched it, though I didn't tell him that.

These days, The Guy will occasionally comment on how he does not understand how I can see out of my glasses because he can hardly see in.  I laugh, go clean my glasses (for the 13 seconds they stay clean) and silently thank him for not being the kind of guy who has to clean them for me before we can talk.

Because I'm the kind of girl who is always going to have dog slobber on her lenses.

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  1. Maddy as a judge of human character? Takes one to know one I guess.

    I think glasses with dirt deep enough to plant potatoes is/are a family thing. Mine are always dirty.


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