Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The case of the exploding fridge

After a great deal of excitement at work last night, we settled in for a much more calm evening.  As we were talking, we heard a huge sound like a shot from a gun.  We screamed bloody murder, grabbed our police radio and ran to the source of the noise.  Nothing.  Couldn't figure it out. 

I thought it sounded like it came from the back door or the fridge.  We weren't going to open the back door (we're crazy, but not that crazy) so we opened the freezer first and then the fridge.  There we found a Root Beer winter wonderland.  A can of root beer had gotten shoved to the back of the fridge and, since adults are disgusting human beings and don't clean out their own messes, no one had noticed it.  The can eventually froze and then exploded.  Bits of frozen root beer hung from every surface of the interior of the fridge.

At that moment, we kind of wish it had been a shotgun blast.

In between calls of the crisis nature, my coworker and I emptied the fridge of its many disturbing contents: 5 containers of margarine, 4 cans of energy drinks which expired in 2008, 2 bottles of dressing, 7 yogurts, 3 miscellaneous containers which we did not open but are aware contained mold of some variety, and countless takeout containers that smelled like feet.  Oh, and one very soggy cucumber.  Then we took to cleaning the entire inside, the trays, the drawers, and each container of sauces and things we put back in the fridge.

We definitely earned our money tonight.  But I'd take a good shooting or knife fight any day.


  1. Those containers could have held cures for which there are no known diseases.

  2. I hate that people do not clean their things out. I am also relieved that I am not the one doing the cleaning. We get an email once a month at the office telling us to remove everything and whatever is left over will be thrown out. But yes, people are idiots and leave the most disgusting things to mold or blow up.


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