Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trip to Ukraine - I didn't die, so there was that

Really after the numerous weeks of anxiety and fretting, the trip went surprisingly without a hitch.  I didn't sleep much the night before I left, but that only meant I didn't sleep through my 3:30am alarm.  Seriously, who makes flights leave so freaking early that you have to be up by 3:30am??

I got through security with my knitting needles, but almost got strip searched for forgetting that mascara was indeed a liquid and needed to be in a little plastic bag so they would know it is not a bomb.  That's all it takes apparently.  Bomb? No bag.  Not a bomb? Bag. 

After taking the smallest plane in the world to Minneapolis and barely catching my connecting flight to New York, I had a wait until the flight to Ukraine.  I realized numerous things while waiting for that flight -- one: people dress in the dark; two: Ukrainian people are rude! In line for boarding, I had numerous co-riders just step right in front of me like there wasn't even a line.  This continued throughout my time in Ukraine.  It's like the entire country said to themselves "What line?"

The flight across the large shark swimming pool was relatively uneventful.  I sat in the middle of three missionary groups of teenage girls.  Did you know that kids really say "Oh, snap!" and don't even do it ironically?  I sure didn't. 

On my 9.5 hour flight, I managed to sleep for 45 minutes.  Then, Dad and I toured Kiev for a few hours before getting on the express train to a little city outside Dad's city.  My favourite sight of the day was a minstrel who was clearly the love child of Krusty the Clown and Hulk Hogan.

 That right there made the whole trip worth while.

There will be more stories later, but I accidentally deleted about 500 pictures, so it will take awhile.  Dad was able to retrieve most of them from his computer, so I just have to get the disk he burned. 


  1. krusty the klown and hulk hogan!!! I cannot stop laughing!!!

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  3. That guy is great! Why wait in a line when you've got fabulous hair like that? Of course the rest of the country doesn't have much of an excuse.

    Oh snap.

  4. I'm enjoying your stories but I'm not planning a Ukranian vacation anytime soon!


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