Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Games I played in Ukraine

I spent most my time in Ukraine amusing myself with made up games. Among them were these main three:

1) Gay or Not Gay:
European men have a completely different way of dress than North Americans. They do not follow the same rules of dress at all. Thus, my gaydar was severely damaged while I was there. Gold short-shorts, jeans rolled to mid calf, and sparkly tight pants did not necessarily mean the same things they would at home. Ky and I would see men walking and have to ask each other Gay? Or Not Gay?

2) Hooker or Mom?
Ukrainian and Russian women come in three styles: hooker, middle aged and Babushka. Seeing street walkers on a fairly regular basis at home, I was quite confused by the scantily clad women who appeared to be just regular Moms. A woman on a street corner dressed in white leather and showing a whole lot of T&A was particularly distressing. I've never seen so many women who would fit right in at Vegas strip clubs.

3) Abandoned, Used, Being Built or Being Demolished?
Every building in Ukraine looks to be under some form of construction. However, you cannot tell the difference in phases of this construction. So, I would guess the building had been abandoned for 20 years and Dad would tell me it is a current University. It was very confusing and quite challenging!


  1. Lainey Liu often says "He's not gay, just European"

  2. My husband said that a guy was either gay or just from England on vacation.

    It's an interesting phenomenon.

  3. You should really write travel brochures.

  4. I can hardly wait to go to Agribition with my European shoes all shined up and my no-part haircut. Cowboys are the most homophobic people on earth. I'll get run off. Hah!!

    Also we were both right about that one building. It is the American Economic University in ZV but the expansion has been abandoned in medius re (bad Latin, help, Lyn)for over a decade and maybe more.


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