Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Mother: In portrait and letters

Slowly, I have been wading through the boxes in our garage.  When everyone in my family fled the Skatch, I ended up with a whole lotta crap.  I have weeded through some boxes here and there when my siblings have been in town, but mostly, it's just taken up space in one garage or storage unit or another.

This week, we went through the box containing all our drawings and letters and projects from school.  Starting with Kindergarten and moving on up.  I went through everything to decide what needed to be kept and what didn't. 

I found many pieces in homage to my mother.  If you were not lucky enough to meet my mother, I hope this gives you insight into how truly special she was.

I had a great admiration for my mother.  In a hilarious and disturbing way.

Picture of Mom by me at 5 yrs old.

This is the first picture I pulled out of the file.  Notice how Mom is drawn.  First, she has a Hutterite beard.  And a wart on her nose.  She is dressed in a gorgeous purple which renders her unable to move or bend as it is made of a board.  She has blue flames shooting from her fingers and she has webbed feet.

Then, in Grade 1, I tried again with the portrait of Mom.

A Mother's Day card
My reason for loving my mother?  Because she was nice to me.  Admittedly, this must have been a challenge given that I have previously told the world she had a wart on her nose.  Mom had many talents.  What were they?  I HAVE NO IDEA.  However, she did love me (many exclamation points!) so that must have been one of them.

Then to the inside of the card.  Where they ask me to write of my favourite moment with my mother.  I regale them with a tale of when Mom fell down.  Ha ha!  That is funny.

When does my mother love me?  Well, of course when I love her, but mostly when I'm asleep.

Inside of the same card.
Then the prized moment.  When is my Mom the prettiest?  And I answer: when... she's in the shower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (add many more exclamation points here)

I have so many questions.  First: why did I know what my mother looked like in the shower?  Second: why did I feel the need to a) write this where my teacher would see it, and b) send it to my mother for the sacred holiday of Mother's Day?  Third: how did my mother not LOSE IT when she read this out loud?

Having kids must be hilarious.  We're morons.


  1. Digitizing the contents of the keepsake boxes is a great way to preserve both memories and garage space. I remember the Mother's Day Card. Then, as now, you made it up as you went along.

  2. oh, that was so funny. Especially the hutterite beard and regaling the story of when your mom fell down!

  3. I love the beard!
    We are morons. I was going through my stuff the other day and I found a drawing I gave my dad when I was 4. It was of stick figures of all of our family and it said "Daddy, you are a cute little boy". I gave it to him this year for Father's Day. I love it.


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