Thursday, June 17, 2010

No, I'm not panicking, I always rock back and forth

I leave for the Ukraine in 18 hours. 

18 hours.  I think I just started having a panic attack.

I still have so many things to do
  • get an international driver's license: so that I can drive during our tours and my father will not terrify us all nor be killed by his wife (justifiably)
  • finish packing: I was packed, but numerous people have sent late packages to go to my father.  So, I am repacking now into a bigger bag.  No, you cannot send anything with me.
  • buy little kleenex things: Lyn warned me and now Ky has experienced it first hand.  As she wrote, "TP is a privilege not a right."  I may not go to the bathroom the entire time I'm in Ukraine.
  • organize my knitting: what I will take on the plane, what I will leave in my bag, what I plan to do if I run out of things to knit while on the plane.  I checked both Canada and USA security lists and all allow knitting!  Phew!
  • kiss my puppy enough to make up for 2 weeks of no kisses.  
  • kiss my husband enough to make up for 2 weeks of no kisses.  (This will be harder to do than kissing the dog)
  • sleep tonight.  In time to be taken to the airport by 4:30am.  In time for my 6am flight.  In time for my 18 hour trip.  

I'ma die now.


  1. You can take foot long knitting needles on a plane but not nail clippers? So retarded.

  2. Ohmygoodness!
    You have fun, Bronwyn! Can't wait for stories and pictures! Guess we'll have to wait in line behind the dog and then hubby tho, huh?

  3. Have a wonderful time! I have something to send along to your Dad but it won't take any room in your luggage. Please just deliver him a great big hug from little ole me!

  4. It's gonna be fab! I am so jealous. SOOOOO jealous.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Wait--you have to get an international driver's licence? Is this true for everywhere or just Ukraine? Will I have to get one for England?

  6. Have fun! I expect many stories about you spilling on yourself in various Ukrainian restaurants.


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