Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I need to start wearing a bib

Tonight, The Guy, myself and LynnieC went out for supper at a local pizza place, Houston's.  I ordered Greek souvlaki which is one of my favourites and went to town.  I'd only had toast (GF of course) with peanut butter at lunch time and then Lyn and I walked around the lake, so I was ravenous.  I went to town on the meal. 

Nearing the end, I tried to pry a sticky piece of meat off the wooden stick it had been cooked on.  Finally it jarred loose and shot back into my lap. 

As I was shaking the meat and rice off my lap, I told Lyn of the first supper The Guy and I went to while on our second date.  At that same restaurant, the same meal, the same incident.  That time, while I was prying the meat off the wooden stick, instead of shooting it at myself, I shot it across the table at The Guy. 

I stopped telling the story and looked at The Guy.  And that's when you fell in love with me right?

He looked up and smiled.  Then he said, You have rice on your boobs.


  1. It is hereditary. In polite company I need to wear a bib too.

  2. I've never seen someone eat souvlaki straight off the skewer. I thought you were supposed to take the meat off with a knife and fork. I think we need to go to Houston's sometime so I can witness the spectacle.

  3. Bwahahaha. I LOVE IT.
    Honestly, isn't that what boobs are for? To keep your lap clean?

  4. Dad: ya, thanks for that

    Janice: I was using a fork and knife to take the meat off.

    Eventhere: it would have been nice if my lap wasn't already full!

  5. Oh that was funny! Literally laughed out loud. But I often do that around here! :)

  6. The greek salad there is pretty sweet also. When I come home for Christmas it is imperative that we go.

  7. NQA: I had the Greek salad!!! It was SO GOOD. I also had some of Bron's rice (the stuff that didn't fall on her boobs) and it was likewise delicious.


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