Monday, April 19, 2010

HALP! The moose are taking over our province!!

As most of you know, I have spent much of the month of April "running back to Saskatoon."*   I have been between Regina and Saskatoon (or North Battleford via Saskatoon) so many times, I don't even have to watch the road any more.  I just set cruise control and the car gets me there itself. 

One of the things I did notice, was a change in the signs along the highway.  Normally, one would see a Deer Crossing sign placed strategically along the road.  By strategically, of course, I mean the first sign says "Deer Crossing next 10km" and then 10 km down the road, another sign saying "Deer Crossing next 8km".  Rinse, repeat all the way to the North Pole.

This time however, there were no deer crossing signs.  There were MOOSE crossing signs.  Every place where I had once been on the look out for errant deer to jump out in front of me, I now needed to be aware of moose instead.

I've got to say.  In all my years, I have seen many, many deer on the side of the road -- alive and dead.  I have never, ever, never seen a moose.

Now I know moose do exist in our fair province because I have friends who go hunting them.  You know where they go to hunt them?  The woods.  None of them go to the side of the road and wait to capture a moose. 

So, maybe the government knows something that we don't know, and the moose are planning to take over?

If that's the case, I'm totally siding with the moose.  Those things are huge!

*How much do I love The Guess Who?


  1. Moose are very huge! So strange that they would take the deer signs down since you see more of them than

  2. I see moose everywhere - they are rampant, Rampant I tell you!

    Now I realize they are just massing for the big takeover. Crafty moose.

  3. Moose are increasing rapidly in the province. They had a hunting season for moose around Brock.

    They are far more dangerous than deer and people are killed every year hitting moose. Deer are low enough that the front of the car catches them. Moose, like horses are tall, the front of the car goes under them and they end up in the front seat with you.

    Be careful. I love you.

  4. I have seen moose. Meese, even. Many. Not only in this province, but in this city! They are everywhere. So don't let the car drive itself because hitting a moose is the equivalent of driving into a brick wall. And we love you too much to loose you. ESPECIALLY to a moose.

    (Each and every time I wrote moose - including this one - my fingers typed mousse. Like chocolate mousse. Hey, another gluten free thing I could make for you!)


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