Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bread: The final product

Since I started the bread story, I thought I should finish it. 

After a late night cooking, I had eaten my way through the pantry.  By the time the bread was baked, I was kind of over it.

But, I had been craving freshly baked bread with honey, and be damned, I was going to have it.

The final product!
It was a little cracked on the top, but it looked like bread!

Fresh bread and honey.  Mmmm
For gluten free bread, it was a darn sight better than the other one I'd tried.  I'm definitely going to do it again.



  1. My inner baker had a serious talk with me - asking me why, if I love baking and new things so darn much, why is my sister-friend making her own gluten free bread?

    I am ashamed to say I dont' know. But that's over with. There will be bread this weekend for you. And on and on until I find something as close to wheat bread as I can make it.

  2. in my experience, all gluten free bread ends up looking much like that, with the smushy cracked top. Your's actually looks fabulous for a gluten free bread. They taste a lot better as toast.

  3. prairie nymph28/04/2010, 10:58

    see if you can eat spelt. it makes really good bread!

  4. Crazybearfeat - you are the best friend my kids could have.

    Prairie Nymph - better spelt than smelt

  5. CBF: you are not my personal baker -- despite what you may think. However, I will take all bread donations happily.

    C: I'm glad it looks ok. I sliced it all up the next day and froze them in pairs. They make good toast.

    PN: I wish, but I cannot eat spelt. Celiac's aren't supposed to, whereas Gluten intolerant can.

    Dad: You're a goof.


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