Thursday, March 04, 2010

When it's love

Often, The Guy will catch me watching him.  It makes him extremely uncomfortable.  He's not sure why I'm looking at him and, most the time, I'm at a loss to explain it.  But I love to watch him. 

I love that I can look at my future.

It's the mundane times when I find him the most intriguing.  The times when we are working together to make supper or watching a television show or playing with the dog.  I look at each line on his face, the shape of his brow, the colour of his eyes, and I think "We're going to be old together someday."  We are each other's future.

It's awesome to behold.

Whatever happens: good things, bad fights, easy moments or hard times, whatever await us, this is the man who will be with me when we face it.   I will learn every part of him.  I will know him as well as myself.  He is part of me and, like a child discovering his own toes, I am facinated with him.

So, sometimes I stare.


  1. I love that this post made me smile and nearly made me cry, and then, when I clicked on "comment" it said "Crap monkies say"what?"" and now I'm laughing.

    Thank you.


  2. Aww. This is beautiful. Isn't this what everyone dreams about?

    *sigh* :D

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  4. Creepy . . . I mean, stalky . . . ?

  5. prairie nymph05/03/2010, 19:53

    someone has a staring problem!

    I've had to tell my guy a few times that i'm not reading over his shoulder and judging his work when he is on the computer. i just want to be close, (and i'm usually fixated on the renegade unicorn eyebrow hairs or the chocolate eyes, not his typing.) here i thought i was being all sweet and silly, and he thought i was waiting for him to mess up.

  6. Dude, I was eating. You need to have some sort of disclaimer.


Crap monkies say "what?"