Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh yeah, I forgot. I don't like Spring

I have a love/hate relationship with Spring.  I know, I know, I was all 'Oh, Spring's the best.  I want to marry Spring.' the other day, but that was before I remembered the things I don`t like about it.

Spring in Saskatchewan is a fickle beast.  One day it is mild and beautiful and you can go outside without a jacket and in your slippers (no I didn't) and the next day, it is all blowy and blustery and snowing.  Jerk.

However, when it is melty, it is also dirty.  Monty is low to the ground, so he can't go out for a pee without bringing by most of the city's sand* back in with him.  He's wet, dirty, and then makes a bee-line for the cream coloured carpets.  Seriously, who thought of cream coloured carpets?   They are just asking for doggy foot prints.

Also, Spring brings wet and mucky during the day and HOLY-CRAP-I-FELL-ON-MY-HEAD-SLIPPERY.  I can't walk out the door without hoping I remembered to pee before I left the house for fear I slip on something and wet myself.  Not that it's happened to me.  Or anything.

So, while I like that Spring speaks to coming warmth and soft breezes, this slippery, wet, dirty, oscillating temperature thing needs to get over with.  Quickly.

*Sand is used on the streets for ice.  We`re not actually a city made on a beach.  Although, that would be cool.


  1. It's a good/bad thing you wrote this post. I forgot about how much I hate the mud, and how the snow turns all grey and how every gross thing that has been covered by snow for months is suddenly uncovered by the melting.

  2. If it was a city made on a beach I would totally come back.

  3. Well put. Mostly I dislike the ugly exposed before the green comes. Come quickly, green!

  4. prairie nymph20/03/2010, 12:21

    remember getting boots stuck in the mud and having to leave them behind?
    i love jumping in puddles, but dog poo left behind from winter is my least favourite

  5. Tanya made Roman come and clean the dog yard for me. So I paid him by buying a little coffee table on wheels for his mother in laws room. Heh, heh, heh.


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