Friday, March 05, 2010

Halp! An 18 lb dog is taking over our house!

Montel (aka Monty) has taken over the house.  You would think that a 18 lb dog would be easily contained.  You would be wrong. 

It started out simply enough.  He started sleeping at the foot of our bed.  He came up for a snuggle and settled in between us. 

Then he branched out.  Back up against The Guy, feet up against me, Monty pushed out until he had made enough room to be comfortable.  That is how he has stayed -- taking up over half of the bed.  When the bed is made, he digs under the pillows and makes a burrow.

Then it was the living room.  A red blanket was thrown casually over the easy chair for when guests (or I) got cold.  Suddenly, the blanket has become a cocoon on the seat where Monty likes to hide.  The couch cushions have become his Princess pillows.  Every seat you want to sit on?  That's his seat.

Every day, I tidy and organize the pillows in the spare room.  I neaten things up and leave for the day.  When I get back, the pillows are scattered across the bed and one shows signs of being napped on.  

Once the basement renos were finished, Monty took over the love seat and blanket there.  Same with the spare bed in the basement.  The blanket at the end of the bed is his. 

We took comfort in the fact that two rooms in the house were ours and ours alone.  First, my sewing room had too many freaky things in it for Monty to want to hang out.  Second, the office where The Guy works.  Monty will enter, but he will not stay.

The other night, while The Guy and I were sitting on the couch watching TV in the basement, Monty got up from his couch, wandered down the hall and went to sit in The Guy's office.  Later that night, he laid at my feet while I sewed. 

It's official.  He runs the house.


  1. I know how you feel. Walter has a "spot" everywhere you look in my apartment!

  2. Your Other SIL05/03/2010, 22:41

    Maddy went to the vet today. She is 14 lbs and, according to Dr. Van Parys "is at a healthy, active weight she can stay at for the rest of her life". We won't discuss the fact she's still kind of crazy, right?

  3. Hard to believe those two dogs will be five years old in a couple of months.


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