Monday, March 08, 2010

Bo and Luke Cat-Duke

We arrived in Minneapolis (actually the lesser known section of it called "Chaska") safe and sound on Sunday night.  We were greeted by the lovely Mae and her husband John and introduced to "The Boys".  We knew they had cats and we were both prepared to pretend to like them just on principle.  I say "pretend" because neither of us are particularly fond of the furry species.   The Guy tends to get wheezy around them and I was raised to think of them as worth 10 points per carcass.

Until these two.

Bo and Luke Duke are the cat duo ruling this house.  Immediately upon our arrival, they took to showing off.  Bo hid under the carpet and swung out every time Luke would pass.  Luke spent most of the night being swept off the dining room table and torturing his brother.  They were highly amusing.

When we headed for bed, both managed to sneak into our room at different times, and hide.  Under the bed, under the table, amidst our bags, these two were hard to get a hold of.  They were waiting for us as soon as we woke up too.

I spent the morning taking pictures of them as they showed off for me.

Duke requesting a tummy rub.  
I obliged.  He bit me.  
I think it's love.

Luke, the master of his domain.

Both cats -- nothing but trouble.  Cute, adorable, hilarious trouble.

The Guy thinks I'm being unfaithful to Monty, but to be honest -- Monty's not here and these two furry companions are a good substitute.  Some days, being adored all the time is exhausting.  Some days, a girl needs to know she might get bit if she shows too much attention.


  1. How is it that John and Mae always end up with such fantastic cats? They used to have an orange cat named Opie who was Dad's best friend, and who was all kinds of trouble.

    I'll have to show Dad the pictures of Bo and Luke.

  2. Russian for "cup" is Chashka.
    Have fun with the cats. They can be so cute and playful. Maybe Monty needs a feline friend?

  3. I hope you don't let Monty see this. I can just see the endless accusing stares already.

  4. I have hated cats until recently. I've been rooming with my brother and his eight, yes eight, cats while I am in town at the university. One of them, Juno, is the cat of my heart, I swear. He even plays tug and wrestles like a dog. This cat will be my undoing.


Crap monkies say "what?"