Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Clean as a whistle, but without the spit residue

My car is my life.  I am in my car all the time whether it be scooting to the grocery store, running to work, visiting a friend, or just grabbing a Timmy's.  I put on more miles on my vehicle by the first year than The Guy had put on his truck in 4 years.  I can't help myself.  I'm a wandering soul.

My car is also just like my life.  Full of chaos, crap, and garbage.  Remember that time my car smelled like peanut butter and puke?  Yeah, it's still like that.

The Guy's vehicle is pristine.  Actually, it's PRISTINE.  He actually flinches when I cross my legs in the passenger seat because my shoe brushes the carpet.  It's adorable.  I try to be careful when I do it because I know it makes him nuts, but sometimes, it's fun to make him nuts.

My car is rarely clean.  It is full of doggy foot prints, dirt, sand, empty coffee cups, empty food wrappers, kleenex (unused, but stepped on), clothes I've discarded, lasagna I spilled a few years ago, dog chew toys, etc.  The Guy doesn't even like to get in it.

I'm okay with that for the most part.  I like to have my car so you aren't worried when you accidentally spill something on the seat.  I like the lived in feeling without the stress of it all.  Also, I'm a bit lazy.

But today, I got my car back from the dealer where it had been for a spring tune up.  While it was there, I asked them to clean it for me too.  Shampoo, etc.

It's so pretty!!!  And it's *gasp* CLEAN!!!!!!!!!

I hope it stays this way.  You know, for at least a week.


  1. I feel largely uncomfortable in places that are too clean. Thank you for keeping your car Lyn-friendly.

  2. From the title of this post, I was expecting it to be about your colon.

  3. Andrei is like that about our little Kia. It must be spotless and scratch free. We love it as HE keeps it washed and looking good.

    Ten bucks for hand wash and inside vacuumed. Since he puts on as many kms as we do (Tanya says more) it is fair.

    Ky, you made me laugh out loud.


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