Sunday, February 07, 2010

Flowers and running away

I am leaving my husband.  Yes, it's only for 8 days, but it will be a glorious 8 days.  I'm not pleased to be leaving my husband and dog behind, but I am pleased to flee this province, my job, and all the crap associated with it all.

I have been testy lately.  I am bored and irritated.  Work is making me angry and listless.  I don't want to talk to anyone or do anything and I just want the whole world to leave me alone.  I know what you're thinking, "How is that different from every day?"  Well, "shut up" is my answer.

I haven't had a holiday in awhile, so I think -- for my sanity and the sanity of my husband -- a little running away is just what I need.  I am fleeing to go visit Ky for 8 days in the sunny and fair weathered Vic BC.  I haven't had a break from work and home since September when I got married.  And, as fun as it was, it was not a break.  Before that, I had a break in July, and I moved.  So, that wasn't much of a break either.

When I don't get breaks from work -- long, extended weeks or two away -- I get apathetic.  No crisis, no trouble, no emotional turmoil, can make me give a flying rat's pat toot.  This is not so much how a counsellor should be.  Most of the time, I care.  Deeply.  If I don't, I can pretend.  But now I have been having a hard time even pretending to pretend to caring.

Thus the break.  I am taking time to recharge -- hopefully with my empathy, but also with my humour.  Because right now?  I'm grouchy AND not funny.  Who wants that?


An aside: The Guy bought me flowers "Just because it's been awhile since he bought them last".  Yay!  I took a couple of pictures with the sunset setting on my camera and some others with normal setting.  Someday, I hope to know how to take pictures without "auto".  But not right now.

He's a good man. I think I'll come back.


  1. "pat toot"? Is that really the word?

    (And have a nice break!)

  2. I don't think that's the way it's spelled. I originally wrote "pahtoot" but spell check changed it. It amused me, so I left it.

    Thanks! I hope to come back not grouchy!

  3. I'm unreasonably excited that you're flying out here tomorrow. I hope that you get a good break.

  4. You totally deserve it! Have fun but make sure you don't use up all your fun because you have to save some when you come and visit me!

  5. The flowers were for valentine's Day since you won't be home?
    Have fun in Victoria. Visit lots.


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