Monday, January 25, 2010

That is what you get for being mean to a puppy

[Scene: The Guy, the dog Monty and MayB sitting on the couch.  Monty is happily chewing on his toy rope.  The Guy leans over nonchalantly and steals the rope from Monty.  Trouble is brewing.]

The Guy: Ha! I have your rope.  What are you going to do about it?  Huh?
Monty: ... [stands up, eyes rope, and jumps squarely onto The Guy's junk.]
The Guy: Gak! [folds in half and moans]
Monty: ... [takes rope from The Guy's limp fingers, turns around, and sits back down.]
Me (MayB): I think he won that round.

[End Scene.]

[Scene: MayB is in bed having just woken up from sleeping the day away after a night shift.  Monty is perched next to her, with his head on The Guy's pillow.  The Guy walks in and sees that MayB is awake.]

The Guy [to MayB]: Sleepy.
The Guy [to Monty]: Stinky.
MayB: And you?  What are you?
The Guy: Sexy.
MayB: ...
The Guy: Well, just be grateful I didn't call you "Stinky".

[Flash forward to The Guy sleeping on the couch.]


  1. That will teach him to mess with Monty Boy!

  2. First of all, how did i not know you had a blog!? i blame Savia for never telling me. haha

    Second - i found Scene 2 to be could have just as easily been B-rad and myself. :D

    Third - Consider your blog followed!!

  3. Diva: I have no idea, but I'm glad you're here. Tell your friends.


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