Saturday, January 09, 2010

Resolutions no more! Part 1: January

With January jumping down our throats and demanding we come deal with the future, most people have come to the annual conclusion that they kind of suck and should do something about that.  I too have gone through the disparaging moments during and after Christmas where I stood with a cookie in each hand, my gut hanging over my belt, and thought "Hmm. I should do something."  Well, that something was eat another cookie.

But now, I have firmly grabbed my butt with both hands and admitted I have a problem.  My problem is making New Years Resolutions and then failing by February (if I last that long) where I then say to hell with it, throw my hands in the air and grab onto the nearest cookie for dear life.

No more, my friends.  No more.  No more two months of success for 10 months of dismal failure and guilt.

This year, I am making myself do a monthly to-do list.  An evaluation of sorts.  Of things I would like to do, when I would like to achieve them, and what I will get when I'm done.  Now, you can call them resolutions, but they aren't so grandiose or of such broad-spectrum.  They are small, attainable, livable things.  I got the idea from here but they still call these things resolutions.  I call them... well, I don't know.  A list of sorts.  I would love to print them all out and keep them somewhere.  Maybe in my sewing room!

So, that is my plan.  Here is my list for January.  Some of the things may spill into February, but that is okay.

  • To finish my thank you cards by the end of the second week of January and mail them.  DONE! JAN 10
  • To empty and sort the junk drawers (the kitchen, the wine cabinet, the spare room x4) (I have a lot of junk... don't tell The Guy.)
  • To go through my closet and pare down the amount of clothes I have in there.  (My reward for this one is to purchase "key" pieces to replace them!)
  • To go through a couple of the boxes now littering the basement.  Pare down, delegate, toss, etc.
  • Organize my sewing area and set up my sewing machine.  (Reward? TO SEW SOMETHING!!!)
  • To eat more responsibly this includes:
    • One take out or restaurant meal a week
    • One Timmy's tea a week (one cream and sugar)
    • Limited pop intake
    • Bring lunches to work
    • Small amounts of snack or dessert -- not nothing, but just a little of some things
  • Walk the dog more often or for longer at one time
  • Work out on the Wii and the elliptical every week (at least 3 times in total)
There it is.  My plan.  I always like having a plan.  It makes me feel better.  Like I will actually get things done.  Like I can get things done!

This is a write up for Write of Passage -- The Resolution

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  1. Along these same lines, I've been using to help be "de-clutter" my life. I'm not following her advice to the letter (why be an over-achiever??) but I am definitely farther ahead than I was a week ago! My sinks and toilets have been clean enough EVERYDAY to have drop-in company without me breaking into a sweat!! Good luck with your non-resolutions.


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